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An in-depth, complete guide to running a social media marketing campaign

Community Management

Research. Analyze. Engage. Monitor.


Quick Summary

We help you monitor and engage with your potential customers in a meaningful way via social media to create business for you.


Does it fit within your Brand’s Objectives?

Engaging on Social Media platforms is only one fraction of Community Management. Community Managers need to monitor how your brand is being perceived online, facilitate customer complaints, nurture leads and even squash potential PR nightmares. The Community Manager needs to be the first to know everything about the brand online before anyone else does. They allow for your brand’s identity, influence and reach to expand to new levels. Community/Social Media Management has several forms; it’s a PR, recruitment, sales, surveillance, and marketing tool… all in one.


Listening to your Audience

Community Management ensures that the lines of communication between you and your consumers is a clear, two-way conversation. When it comes to identifying, cultivating, and educating your brand’s target audience, it is not simply a matter of keeping the lines of communication flowing in one direction. When it comes to your web presence and your online marketing strategy, it is important to realize that your consumer base is in fact on several online communities. These communities are ones that revolve around your products, services, brand identity and values

Benefits of good social media engagement and community management include:

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Increased sales
  • Better knowing your customers
  • Monitoring the way your brand is perceived
  • Getting to know your fans
  • Building relationships
  • Reacting to important and relevant news in real-time
  • Further cement your identity as an authority in your field

Ensure your Message and Strategy is Consistent!

Ignite Digital’s community management solution ensure that your brand message and content strategy stay consistent across the board. We monitor and control your social media networks entirely on your behalf, always ensuring that the way we communicate with your target audience is consistent with the needs and values of your brand.

We monitor your brand’s general web presence, and through social media as well as traditional channels, we make sure that customer concerns and feedback are addressed promptly and professionally, and are correctly directed through your company’s customer support procedures. We actively try and generate sales and send them through your internal companies sales procedure. Branded reports of our interaction with your brand’s online communities are sent to you at regular intervals.

Most importantly, our community management services inspire confidence in your brand and thereby generate business for you!

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