Ignite Digital

We are Ignite Digital, a digital agency located in the heart of Canada.

 Design & Website Development

We design & develop corporate websites, e-Commerce sites and full-scale iOS/Android apps

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Here at Ignite Digital, we are always trying to find efficient and cost effective website development solutions.

Custom Website Development doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or reinvent the wheel. Learn more about our custom website development and how Ignite Digital can help grow your website. Click here to find out how!

 Custom Websites

We build highly functional, easy to navigate and content rich websites that ensure your target market will be able to navigate your custom website easily and effectively.

 Web Applications

Need a custom web application built? We´ve got you covered. We have talented engineers with extensive knowledge on building web applications in PHP/SQL and ASP.NET.

 Mobile Apps

Our mobile developers have extensive experience in creating quality iPhone/iPad (iOS) and Android apps. Ignite Digital can help develop a custom mobile app for your company.

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  Content Marketing

Leverage organic traffic by developing content for sites to link to

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Content marketing is one of the fastest-growing and most essential forms of online marketing.

Content marketing is more than simply creating content for your target audience; it is a unique and a valuable opportunity to educate your audience about your brand, your mission statement and ideals, and help to create a more informed and engaged consumer.

 Article Writing

We research keywords that are related to your target market and that have the best opportunity to rank well on Google. Each of our articles are SEO friendly and help generate better results for your company.


Content marketing isn’t just about articles and written texts. Infographics are a terrific way to generate viral buzz. Infographics are an effective way to show data in a visual and interactive way.

 eBooks & Guides

Interested in generating leads for your website or looking at developing a guide that you can give away? Our content marketers can develop all the necessary information that you need for your eBook, Whitepaper or Guide. Our designers will step in and not only make your guide content rich but also a creative home run.

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 Community Management

Let us dive into your community and generate business for you

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Creating engaging and dynamic content for your brand is one important element of your overall marketing strategy, but it is not the whole picture.

While content gives you the opportunity to tell the story and share the message of your brand, it is also crucial that you are able to listen when your audience speaks back and share stories of their own.

 Social Monitoring

Community Management ensures that the lines of communication between you and your consumers is a clear, two-way conversation. Monitoring brand mentions, industry events/trends and tracking competitors is just the beginning of our social monitoring solution.

 Build Relationships

When it comes to identifying, cultivating, and educating your brand’s target audience, it is not simply a matter of keeping the lines of communication flowing in one direction. Brands need to develop relationships with influencers, industry experts and most importantly the target market.

Feedback Loop

Every 2 weeks we crunch the data on each and every post we have run. We analyze what worked, what didn’t work and what needs to be tweaked. We analyze all the way down to individual posts that generated the most likes. We use the feedback loop to recreate positive outcomes and minimize negative events. Producing the best results.

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 Search Marketing

We’re experts in organic search and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) strategies

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Search marketing is a crucial cornerstone to any online marketing campaign. Use organic search tactics alongside pay-per-click campaigns to really boost your exposure.

Optimising your website and executing plans that boost your organics rankings in the search engines significantly help boost sales and revenues-coupled with a PPC campaign can obtain great results.

 On-page SEO

On-Page SEO is as important as your link building strategy.We will first review your entire website and perform an SEO audit to make sure your On-Page SEO is top notch. If it isn’t we will provide you with solutions free of charge.

 Link Building

We focus only on White Hat link building strategies, this is the toughest and most labour intensive way to do link building but provides you with the best results long term. Our link building strategy has also never been negatively effected by Google’s Search Algorithm updates.


Search Engine Marketing extends far beyond traditional SEO practices, focusing instead on the complex paid search market. We help with – Predictive bidding, creative testing, audience insight, keyword research, maintain ad freshness and many more tricks to generate you the results your company wants.

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We´d love to talk — simply get in touch or set up a free consultation.